1. Britches


Keep your head down, keep your lips closed
Don’t fight for a seat at the table
Yeah modest is hottest
If you got it then you better not flaunt it

Girl be grateful, And be graceful
Take that high horse, put it in the stable
Well I’ve been there, and I’ve done that
But there’s no holding me back

When I walk into the room
In my favorite pair of blue jeans
I bet you like the view
When they pull tight at the seams
And If I ain’t fittin your definition of a lady you can kiss it
Cause I look best when I’m a little
Big for my britches

Gotta stretch em, Hold my breath
Gotta shimmy on the floor just to get dressed
That measurin tape reads twenty eight
But a twenty seven hugs my curves great

They say I’m asking for attention
Getting high on all the looks that I’m getting
But so what, I don’t give a
Damn when I look like this


When I walk into the room
In my high rise Levi stone wash pair of blue jeans